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Pool types

Infinity Pools

The key feature of an infinity pool is the overflow edge, typically located on one side of the pool. The water spills over this edge into a catch basin or trough, from where it is then recirculated back into the pool. By having one or more edges without a visible boundary, the pool creates a seamless and tranquil appearance, as if the water is disappearing into the distance or merging with the surrounding scenery.

Overflow Pool

In an overflow pool, the water that overflows the edges is collected in a trough or catch basin that runs around the perimeter of the pool. From there, the water is recirculated back into the pool through a filtration system. This design feature eliminates the need for skimmers and maintains a consistent water level, resulting in a visually striking effect.

Skimmer Pools

Skimmer pools are relatively simpler and more cost-effective to construct compared to other types of pools. The skimmer system is designed to remove debris from the water’s surface, preventing it from sinking to the bottom and creating an unsightly appearance. Regular maintenance involves cleaning out the skimmer baskets or nets to ensure proper skimming functionality.

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